The Portrait Gallery has been specialising in school photography for over 35 years. As leaders in the field of school photography we have refined our process to ensure a trouble free photo day for teachers, students and parents.

Our experienced and friendly staff will arrive early on photo day to ensure enough time to meet the photo day coordinator and for set up. Any special requests as well as the schedule for the day can be discussed at this time. The Portrait Gallery team will make sure that all equipment is set up before the first group arrives for their photo. Most schools prefer to have their staff photograph taken early just before students arrive or school starts – if your school chooses to do this please let us know before photo day. Our efficient process is designed to make photo day a pleasant experience and to make sure that the school and teachers are not inconvenienced.

What happens after Photo Day

Proofs of the group photographs taken are sent to the school approximately two weeks after photo day. Name sheets are attached to each photograph to be filled out by the teacher. Please note that this is only a proof and not the final photograph. No editing has been done to these proofs. As soon as the photo day coordinator has received all proofs back our office can be contacted to pick them up. The school can also contact our office at any time to arrange for more envelope orders to be picked up.

If parents ask questions about photo day encourage them to read the frequently asked questions. Click here to visit the page.