Benefits to the school
- The best service (and it’s local!)
- Our local laboratory produces top quality photos
- Complimentary staff photos, digital options, graduation packs, whole school photo
- Access to our easy to use online facilities to create your own yearbooks
- Staff and office staff are not inconvenienced by our process
- We have been specialising in school photography for over 35 years and have caring, experienced staff who make photo day a pleasant, organised and trouble free experience
- Free family photos of siblings in the school. Sell the family photos and all proceeds go to the school e.g. 100 family photos @ $15.00 equals $1,500.00 to your school

Benefits to the parents
- Archival quality photographs - printed on photographic paper, not cardboard
- Easy pre-paid options
- Our prices are the lowest
- We make it easier for parents by offering a family discount
- Return photos within 10 days for a full refund if not satisfied


School Calendars

Promote your school with an A4 Personalised School Calendar.
Ask us about it.